Valentine Week 2019, All Celebration day of Valentine’s Week List 2019 Dates and Day

Valentine Week 2019

Although, on 14th February, the Valentine’s Day is celebrated but seven days before this festival there occur certain events which are related to romantic love. These events along with Valentine’s Day are celebrated for the whole week. In other words, the events of love occurred for a period of one week is called as Valentine Week. On February 7, there is Rose day and on this day the Valentine Week 2019 use to be started. Now we will deal with the events take place during Valentine’s Week 2019 the in the following manner.

Valentine Week

Valentine Week 2019 Dates and Day

Valentine Week 2019

Valentine Day 2019 Day and Date
Rose Day 07 February 2019, Thursday
Propose Day 08 February 2019, Friday
Chocolate Day 09 February 2019, Saturday
Teddy Bear Day 10 February 2019, Sunday
Promise Day 11 February 2019, Monday
Hug Day 12 February 2019, Tuesday
Kiss Day 13 February 2019, Wednesday
Valentine’s Day 14 February 2019, Thursday

Anti-Valentine Week 2018

Slap Day 15 February 2018, Friday
Kick Day 16 February 2018, Saturday
Perfume Day 17 February 2018, Sunday
Flirting Day 18 February 2018, Monday
Confession Day 19 February 2018, Tuesday
Missing Day 20 February 2018, Wednesday
Breakup Day 21 February 2018, Thursday

Valentine Week 2019

1st day of Valentine Week “Rose Day”

The first day of Valentine Week List 2019 is considered to be the Rose Day. It is celebrated on 7 February. It is common among youths of different countries of the world but it is the festival of people of all the ages. Valentine Week 2019 will be incomplete without Rose Day. People are doing so many preparations for celebrating Valentine week 2019. Rose day is celebrated by exchanging red roses by the couples. The extent of love increases during Rose Day.

Propose Day 2nd day in Valentine Week List 2019

Happy Valentines Week 2019

The second day of Valentine’s week is considered to be the Propose Day. It is celebrated on 8 February. To propose anyone is a difficult job. We need so much of courage if we want to propose anyone. In such a situation we need a correct time and i.e. Propose Day. On this day we use to propose someone by giving gifts.

Valentine’s Week 2019 3rd Day Chocolate Day

The third day of Valentine week is celebrated as the occasion of Chocolate Day. It is celebrated on 9 February. If we want to celebrate sweetness all over the world then we have to move towards Chocolate Day. If we go through Valentine Week List 2019 then the event which is preferred by each and every individual is termed as Chocolate Day. Valentine Week List 2019 will be celebrated to express our feelings and emotions. Chocolate day is helpful to maintain sweet relation with our loved ones.

4th Day in Valentines Week 2019 is Teddy Day

Valentine's Week list 2019

The fourth day of Valentine Week is celebrated as a Teddy Day. It is celebrated on 10 February. If we want that our loved ones feel good then for such a purpose we use to give gift to them on the day of Teddy Day. The cute teddy is given in the form of gift.

Valentine’s Week List 5th Day Promise Day 2019

The next event of Valentine Week is Promise Day. It is celebrated on 11 February. If we want to make promise with our partner for love and affection then we have to celebrate Promise Day.

Valentine Week List 2019

Hug Day 6th day in Valentine Week 2019

Another event of Valentine week is Hug Day. It is celebrated on 12 February. This day is celebrated by the people of all ages. On this day people use to hug one another. It is considered to be the special day of Valentine week.

Valentine Week List 2019 7th day of Kiss Day

One of the rocking events of Valentine week 2019 is Kiss Day. It is celebrated on 13 February. If we want to express our love towards our soulmate then the best time is Kiss Day. On this day, we express our love by giving the kiss to our loved ones.

Valentines Day list 2019

Happy Valentine day 2019

The most important day of Valentine Week is Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated on 14 February. Its celebration is carried out in the honour of St. Valentinus. People for expressing their love use to exchange gifts on this occasion. It is the day of lovers.

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